• Features and benefits
    Volume-controlled regeneration
    Regeneration is started depending on the effective water consumption.
  • Saving up to 40% salt
    The water softener always calculates how much salt is actually needed and regenerates only when needed. Compared to conventional water softeners, MX1 units consume up to 40% less salt!
  • Dry salt container
    Salt lumps are a thing of the past thanks to the dry salt container.
  • Bacteriological rinsing
    When the water consumption is too low to start a regular rinse, the device regenerates periodically, preventing any bacterial growth.
  • SMART LED TECHNOLOGY with leak detection
    MX1 is a smart water softener that notifies you via the SMART LED ring when the unit is in regeneration, when maintenance or salt refill is required, and even when
    when there is a water leak in the house!
  • Large salt storage capacity
    Depending on the model, the device has a salt storage capacity of 40, 60 or 80 kg. In many cases this means that the softener only needs to be refilled once or twice a year.
  • Adjustable salting levels
    The salting level can be set to 3 levels allowing to reduce/increase capacity/salt consumption. Ideal for areas with partial softening, hardness from <20°f or for customers with high water consumption.
  • SPOED regeneration
    If the water softener is already saturated during the day, the unit will perform a quick/short regeneration.