You have been enjoying clean and healthy water for food and drink for years, and now you and your entire family will experience it in your bath water as well. The water used for bathing and showering unfortunately contains many harmful substances for all skin types, especially for babies. We wish you healthy days using the shower filter we offer to you, our conscious and responsible **ICM Water System** customers, and we extend our regards.

Benefits of the Shower Filter:

  • Provides soft water for babies and all skin types and prevents chlorine in the water
  • Prevents the chlorine in water
  • Prevents fatigue after bathing, allows your body to breathe
  • Prevents hair loss and dandruff, ensures lively, shiny, and soft hair formation
  • Makes your skin soft, cotton-like, and creates a silky touch
  • Prevents chlorine that can cause cancer
  • Provides the most suitable soft water for babies
  • Prevents skin dryness after bathing
  • Provides hygienic rinsing by completely eliminating chemicals from shampoos and care products
  • Saves 75% on shampoo
  • Easy to install and purifies 25,000-30,000 liters of water.