• Consumes 430 wat/h of electricity for hot water
  • Consumes 100 wat/h electricity for cooling
  • Front panel has hot water lamp, cold water warning lamp
  • When the hot water lamp button is pressed for 5 seconds, it switches to economic mode. In this case, the sensor in the center is activated and if it does not detect movement in the room, it switches to standby mode. It switches back to awake mode when it detects movement in the room. The sensor is only activated in economy mode.

Water tank volume:
3 liters (cold)
1.2 liters (hot)
Stainless steel interior
Cold water range 4 – 12 C
Hot water range 80 – 85 C
1100 x 260 mm x 347 mm


  • 5 micron filter
  • Carbon filter
  • 1 micron filter
  • Membrane filter
  • Post line filter