• Aura Cebilon Unique is used to obtain drinking water from municipal treated tap water.
  • The water to be treated must be microbiologically safe and subjected to the necessary disinfection processes.
  • Keeping the water parameters within the following limits ensures the efficient operation of the device.
  • For waters with very high TDS values such as seawater, well water, muddy water, etc., differently designed systems are available.


Operating Temperature 5ºC – 38ºC / (38 ºF – 100 ºF)
Operating Pressure 40 psi – 145psi / (2.8 bar – 10 bar) / (275kPa – 1,000 kPa)
pH Range 3 – 11
Maximum Iron (Fe) 0.2 (ppm=mg/L)
Maximum TDS 1,250 (ppm=mg/L)
Turbidity 5 NTU
Hardness 17 ºFr-10 ºdH – 170 mg/L CaCO3


Technical Specifications
10 inch Inline 5 micron Sediment Filter Filter life monitoring based on total water volume passed
10 inch Inline carbon antibacterial filter Mechanical water cut-off device
10 inch Inline 1 Micron sediment filter Instantaneous water flow monitoring
75 GPD Membrane Total water volume passed monitoring
10 Inch Inline mineralized final carbon filter Water outage alarm system
110 psi 1.2 lt/m Pump Tank capacity: 8L
24 Volt DC Adapter Daily Capacity: 253.77 L/day
Low Pressure Switch Purification Rate: 85% – 98%
High Pressure Switch Gross Weight: 14.5 kg
Airgap Faucet Device Dimensions: 490x260x425mm
Digital Control Box Dimensions: 580x275x445mm